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Macy v. Holder

Read the latest news about developments related to Macy v Holder, a landmark ruling for transgender rights. In 2012 the EEOC declared that Title IX's prohibition on sex discrimination extends to transgender and other gender-nonconforming people in Macy v Holder, a case concerning a veteran who was denied a job with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms because she was transgender. The Advocate brings readers the most recent updates related to this historic ruling, as well as other significant court cases that affect the LGBT community.

EEOC Rules on LGB Workplace Protections

Although the ruling specifically addressed LGB employees, the ACLU says it applies to transgender workers too.

EEOC: Yes, Army Discriminated Against Trans Woman

Tamara Lusardi, a trans woman called 'it' by Army supervisors and banned from the women's room, has seen justice served.

Texas Trans Woman Sues Saks Fifth Avenue Over Alleged Harassment

Weeks after Attorney General Holder announced that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers discrimination based on gender identity, the upscale retailer still claims its trans workers are not protected.


Labor Dept. Finally Clarifies Trans Protections

Secretary of Labor Tom Perez finally clarified that the department's transgender employees will receive nondiscrimination protections.

WATCH: Texas Teacher Suspended for Being Trans

A Texas teacher has been suspended after a parent complained about her transgender status.

Ark. Trans Woman Fired For Using Women's Restroom

An Arkansas trans woman claims to have been fired from a local McDonald's for using the women's restroom.

Trans Woman Wins Landmark Settlement in S.D. Discrimination Suit

Cori McCreery will be awarded $50,000 and her former employer must formally apologize after she was terminated from a job when she announced her plans to transition in 2010.

Trans Women Win Discrimination Suits Using Civil Rights Act

For the first time in history, the federal government is standing behind transgender employees who say they've been discriminated against because of their gender identity.

WATCH: A Trans Veteran Explains Why We Need ENDA

Meet Mia Macy, a veteran and former police officer who was rejected from a job with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms because she is transgender.