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Mormon Church

Wilson Cruz aims to 'change minds and hearts' with new docuseries about queer Mormon teens

The six-episode series, Not Part of the Plan, spans across two years, following four young members of Utah’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In the Mississippi Bible Belt, a Family Wrestles with Raising Trans Kids in the Mormon Church

Amid the surge of anti-trans bills in America, this Mississippi family is still trying to raise trans kids in a faith that tends to have a strict binary view of gender.

Meet the Dragon Dads: The Mormon Fathers Fighting for Their LGBTQ+ Kids

Fathers from conservative religious backgrounds have band together in a private support group, fostering a culture of acceptance and advocacy for their LGBTQ+ children.

My Journey as a Gay Latino Mormon from South Texas

As rights for marginalized groups began to grow, so did the violence against Latine, LGBTQ+, and other diverse communities, writes the Point Foundation's Jorge Valencia.

Stanford Mocks BYU's Anti-LGBTQ+ Policies in 'Gay Chicken' Skit

Stanford University later apologized for the football halftime performance.

Utah Groups Hope to Bridge Religious and LGBTQ+ Communities

The Mormon Church recently voiced support for the Respect for Marriage Act, which would federally protect marriage equality. 

Mormon Church Comes Out in Favor of Marriage Equality Law

The announcement comes as the Senate plans to hold a test vote on the Respect for Marriage Act Wednesday.

Bisexual Grad Bucks BYU's Anti-LGBTQ+ Stances With Pride Flag Display

Jillian Orr opened her graduation gown to reveal a rainbow flag.

Education Dept. Says BYU Can Discriminate Against Queer Students

Because of a religious exemption from federal antidiscrimination law, Brigham Young University can continue to ban same-sex dating.

Billionaire Quits Mormon Church & Will Donate $600K to LGBTQ+ Group

"While most members are good people trying to do right, I believe the church is actively and currently doing harm in the world."

Student Caught on Video Using Antigay Slur, Defacing Art Has Left BYU

The incident came on top of a former Brigham Young University president urging the use of "muskets" to fight LGBTQ+ equality, and the student has now left the Mormon school.


Mormon Apostle: Take Up 'Muskets' Against LGBTQ+ Equality

At the same meeting where the president of Brigham Young University announced a new "Office of Belonging," a church elder railed against LGBTQ+ rights.

David Archuleta Gave a Master Class in the Mormon Coming-Out

There's a reason many members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints add caveats, pleas, and apologies to their announcements of queerdom.

Activists Light Up Mormon University's Iconic Y With Rainbow Colors

The action was an act of resistance against anti-LGBTQ+ policies at Brigham Young University.

Tyler Glenn on 15 Years of Neon Trees: I Felt Like I Had to Hide

The gay rock star finally feels safe in the band he helped form.

After BYU Revives Antigay Honor Code, LGBTQ Students Urged to Transfer

A crowdfunding campaign was launched to help LGBTQ students leave Brigham Young University.

The Only Consistency in BYU's Treatment of LGBTQ Students Is Cruelty

The Mormon university's shifting decisions about its Honor Code highlight an unceasing animus, writes a former professor.

Did Mormon-Owned Brigham Young University Lift Ban on Same-Sex Kisses?

Students are celebrating a new "Honor Code" without the ban, but some fear the school will still punish such actions.

Mormon Church Formalizes Punishments for Trans Members

A new church handbook lays out plans to crack down on gender transition, be it medical or social.

Antigay, Tax-Exempt Mormon Church Accused of Misusing Billions

A whistleblower contends the church isn't spending members' funds strictly on religious and charitable purposes as required by its tax-exempt status.