Mormon Church

David Matheson co-wrote the "Journey Into Manhood" program, but now says he wants to date men. He still has love for "conversion therapy" though.

January 22 2019 11:21 AM

The singer, actress, and LGBTQ ally has been criticized for agreeing to perform at the homophobic church's Tabernacle.

November 30 2018 6:32 PM

Fred Karger discusses his new animated film targeting religious hypocrisy, which is now available to view in full.

November 22 2018 9:01 AM

Watch the testimony that got her shut out of her church. 

October 11 2018 3:11 PM

Gender is eternal, marriage is heterosexual, and anything else is Satanic, says Dallin H.Oaks.

October 08 2018 3:34 PM

Watch an exclusive clip of the new documentary, in which two former Mormon missionaries come to terms with their lives.

September 26 2018 2:54 PM

A policy against baptizing children of same-sex couples, now written into a missionary guide, has some saying yes, while others think the church still may go in a different direction.

September 11 2018 4:01 AM