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Appeals court maintains PrEP coverage under Obamacare in win for HIV prevention

A lower court had ruled that requiring PrEP coverage was akin to supporting homosexuality and, therefore, a violation of religious rights. However, advocates are concerned about further legal challenges that may appear.

What is Project 2025 and what does it mean for LGBTQ+ Americans?

Far-right activists have put together a series of directives for the next conservative president. Here's what it would mean to the LGBTQ+ community.

How 'SVU' led Mariska Hargitay to stand up for sexual assault survivors

"I stay motivated because an extraordinary amount of work remains to be done," Hargitay says.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine is telling this historic Texas drag queen's story in a new documentary (exclusive)

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season eight Miss Congeniality winner tells The Advocate about a new documentary she's part of that follows the life of drag legend Barbette.

Cyndi Lauper is our Advocate of the year: 'Hon, I'm a family member'

The legendary icon continues to use her voice to create beautiful music and stand up for equality for all.

Here is how Juneteenth came to be and why it's so important

First celebrated in 1866 in Texas, it's now a federal holiday.

Club Q shooter sentenced to 55 life sentences plus 190 years in prison for federal hate crimes

Anderson Lee Aldrich pleaded guilty to and was sentenced for federal hate crimes and firearms charges for the mass shooting that left five people dead and around 20 injured.

Joel Kim Booster opens up about 'imposter syndrome' and feeling like a 'fraud'

"I wish I had half the confidence I had at 26 that I do at 36, because the impostor syndrome is real," the comedian recently told Out Magazine.

Nancy Pelosi emotionally reflects on LGBTQ+ community at Library of Congress AIDS Quilt exhibit (exclusive)

The speaker emerita got choked up as she reviewed letters from families of people lost to AIDS.

11 of Sarah Paulson's Best Performances (So Far)

These are our favorite roles by the Emmy- and Tony-winning actor.

Right-wing host forced to remove videos after calling gay dad a 'pervert homo' (exclusive)

After making unfounded accusations against gay family influencer José Rolón, right-wing pundit Stew Peters was immediately forced to retreat.

8 Ariana DeBose must-see musical theater Performances ahead of the Tony Awards

The multi-talented Ariana DeBose (the first out queer woman of color to win an Oscar) is hosting the Tony Awards for a third time. Here are seven performances that spotlight her outsized gifts.

Florida just got its first LGBTQ+ Latino state senator

“It’s also important to acknowledge and celebrate the significance of our election for Florida’s LGBTQ community, who have been relentlessly attacked and demonized by the majority party in this Legislature over the past few years,” Smith said on Friday.

Rep. Robert Garcia: 'The Army that defeated Hitler and saved the world included drag queens'

The California Democrat expertly demolished a Republican proposal to ban drag shows on military bases — but it passed the House of Representatives anyways.

Yvie Oddly spills the tea on 'All Stars' season 7 and toxic fans in new memoir (exclusive)

The RuPaul's Drag Race season 11 winner tells The Advocate about her new memoir All About Yvie: Into the Oddity and all the drama it dishes.

Kamala Harris: Supreme Court mifepristone ruling doesn’t mean abortion is safe under Trump

The vice president warned that the ruling is not a cause for celebration in a country where Republicans are attacking bodily autonomy rights.

Sarah McBride nearly assured of Congress win after primary opponent drops out

McBride, currently a Delaware state senator, is poised to be the first out transgender member of Congress.

Pulse shooting remains a grim moment in LGBTQ+ history 8 years later

Forty-nine people were killed that night.

Federal court permanently blocks Florida's law against trans health care

The state had banned the care for minors and restricted it for adults.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will always 'fight like hell' to protect LGBTQ+ rights (exclusive)

The governor of Michigan tells The Advocate about her efforts to defend vital LGBTQ+ services, and warns about the dangers of a second Trump term.