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LGBTQ+ Refugees in All Their Bravery and Beauty

A new book captures the humanity of people too often demonized.

Canada Has Promised to Resettle LGBTQ+ Afghans and Female Judges

Canada previously said it would take in 40,000 Afghan refugees after U.S.-led forces left Afghanistan in August.

Massachusetts Church Opens Safe Haven for LGBTQ+ Asylum-Seekers

Besides a safe place to stay, the church also provides asylum-seekers a stipend, connections to immigration lawyers, and assistance in getting health insurance. 

The U.S. Must Release All LGBTQ+ Immigrants From Detention

The violence of the detention system falls hardest on people already facing persecution and bias because of their sexuality or gender identity.

The Dire Plight of LGBTQ+ Afghan Refugees

Swift action needs to be taken by the American government and LGBTQ+ notables to save these extremely vulnerable people.

How Vaccine Passports Could Imperil LGBTQ+ Refugees

Queer migrants fleeing violence shouldn't suffer because of the inequal distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

This Gay Nigerian Has a Message for World Refugee Day

Even though the president may paint them as such, asylum-seekers are not burdens or bad people -- they're brave souls fighting for a humane existence.

The Situation for LGBT Asylum Seekers Just Got Even More Dire

Even though courts initially froze Trump's "Muslim bans," his executive orders still slowed the U.S. resettlement of LGBT people fleeing violence. Now that the Supreme Court has partially reinstated the bans, things are getting really scary.

LGBT Comedians Blast Donald Trump Jr.'s Horrifying Skittles Analogy

Maybe leave the rainbows to us, Mr. Trump.


Why Are LGBT Syrian Refugees a Priority?

White House spokesman Josh Earnest denied that the Obama administration has a quota system for admitting Syrian refugees. 

Canada: Single Gay Syrian Refugees Welcome

The Canadian government is expected to announce it will accept single gay Syrian refugees but reject 'lone males' as part of changes to its immigration policy.

U.K. Asking Asylum-Seekers to 'Prove' They're Gay, Says Report

Some have even had to turn over photos or videos of sexual activity, according to a parliamentary committee.