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Advocacy Groups Warn White House of Risks to LGBTQ+ Refugee in Potential Asylum Policy Overhaul

A united front of LGBTQ+ and immigrants' rights organizations recently condemned potential changes to asylum regulations.

LGBTQ+ Refugees in All Their Bravery and Beauty

A new book captures the humanity of people too often demonized.

New Biden Asylum Policy Will Hurt LGBTQ+ Migrants and Others, Activists Say

The policy is as bad as or worse than Donald Trump's, according to some critics.

Deported Trans Activist Murdered in the Street

After becoming an LGBTQIA+ and intersex activist in Miami, Melissa Nunez -- deadnamed by local journalists -- was assassinated.

Martha’s Vineyard Residents Fought Cruelty With Kindness

Gay Massachusetts State Sen. Julian Cyr, who represents Cape Cod, talks about the aftermath of an inhumane scheme hatched by Florida's Ron DeSantis on the island's residents.

Border Patrol Twitter Account Investigated for Homophobic Activity

The Border Patrol account liked a tweet calling Pete Buttigieg a homophobic slur among other problematic activities.

LGBTQ+ Migrants Caught in Deadliest Border Crossing Ever

A Texas sheriff says he finds the bodies of migrants almost every day, and 2022 could be the deadliest year yet for migrants crossing the southern U.S. border.

Trump's Policies Tried to Tear This Gay Dad and Son Apart—The Dad Won

After help from a U.S. congressman, a three-year ordeal has come to an end for Jerome Roux.

No More Unfulfilled Promises: Biden Must Show Up for LGBTQ+ Immigrants

This administration can't just half-heartedly fix what Trump broke; it must do better for undocumented people.

Migrant With AIDS and COVID Dies While Held by ICE

Pablo Sanchez-Gotopo of Venezuela had been held at a private prison where activists have raised concerns about the health care provided to detainees.

What's at Stake for LGBTQ+ Asian Dreamers

Tens of thousands of queer Asian lives hang in the balance.

I Carry You With Me's Director on Filming a Gay Immigrant Love Story

Heidi Ewing blends her documentary background with cinematic power to tell the story of Mexican lovers trying to find the American Dream.

Rainbow Railroad to Biden: Make LGBTQI+ Refugees a Priority

The nonprofit organization is seeking to hold the president to his promises on helping the most marginalized queer people around the world.

How Vaccine Passports Could Imperil LGBTQ+ Refugees

Queer migrants fleeing violence shouldn't suffer because of the inequal distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

State Dept. Ends Discrimination Against Children of Same-Sex Couples

The policy had denied citizenship to the children of many married same-sex couples and had been successfully challenged in court.

Why Is the State Dept. Still Discriminating Against LGBTQ+ Families?

End the cruel hoops that same-sex parents like Allison and Stefania are forced to jump through.

BLM-Supporting Gay Cop Nominated to Lead Customs and Border Patrol

President Biden announced his intent to nominate Tucson, Ariz., Police Chief Chris Magnus as CPB commissioner.

Netflix's 'Amend' Traces the Fight for Equal Rights for All

The documentary series deals with the Fourteenth Amendment's impact on voting rights, desegregation, marriage equality, and more.

Jose Antonio Vargas Opens Up About Being Undocumented and Gay

The activist journalist discusses his multiple identities on the LGBTQ&A podcast.