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Riki Wilchins

Thanks to Loretta Lynch, We're About to Be Normal

History was made this week, and LGBT rights turned a major corner.

On the Public's Obsession With Showers and Toilets

The public may only care about trans issues when it involves running water, but at least people are starting to pay attention to our lives.

Op-ed: Antitrans RadFems Are on the Wrong Side of History

Modern radical feminists see their rights as aligned with transgender women's rights.

Op-ed: It Takes a Real Man to Wear a Cute Dress

When gender isn't only about pants and dresses.

Op-ed: Maxwell Klinger, Where Are You?

The journey to a trans-inclusive ENDA earns a peculiar champion.

Op-ed: Angry Intersex People With Signs!

Is surgery on intersex infants just another form of genital mutilation?

Op-ed: The Capitol of Attacks

Some LGBT people spend big bucks and plenty of time on issues like marriage, while ignoring the violence that often plays out in front of them.

Op-ed: 'Freaking' Cis People

Riki Wilchins ponders why she would even want to be a cisgender person if they can be so cruel.

Op-ed: Transgender Dinosaurs and Judith Butler's Revenge

We're in a changing-of-the-guard moment where being transgender is more celebrated than feared.

'It's The Women's Room!' and Other Bathroom Trouble

Navigating the social mores of the public restroom when you're not cisgender can be a tricky dance, practiced multiple times a day.

Op-ed: Where Have All the Butches Gone?

In defense of resilient butches or effeminate fairies.

Op-ed: 'But You Can't Really Be Her Mom'

Transgender activism in the age of parenting.

Op-ed: Transgender Dinosaurs and the Rise of the Genderqueers

Why the traditional concept of transgender is slowly fading away.