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Roman Catholic Church

Pope Benedict, aka 'God’s Rottweiler,' Seethed at Queers

Benedict's legacy won't be his resignation, rather his indignation towards the LGBTQ+ community's health, well-being, and marriages.

Trans Football Player's Dad Slams School System's Anti-LGBTQ Policies

A Catholic diocese overseeing Catholic schools in South Dakota has issued a set of policies saying LGBTQ+ identity undermines the basis of society.

Catholic Group Wrong to Deny Gay Worker's Husband Benefits, Court Says

Catholic Relief Services revoked the spousal benefits when the husband was undergoing extensive dental work.

Pope Francis to LGBTQ+ Catholics: God Does Not Disown You

The pope commented on LGBTQ+ people and the church in response to a letter from Father James Martin, an LGBTQ-supportive priest.

'Building a Bridge' Between Catholic Church and LGBTQ+ Community

Is the gulf unbridgeable? Father James Martin and the filmmakers behind a new documentary don't think so.

Catholic Diocese Says LGBTQ+ People Are Not Allowed Sacraments

They can only be baptized, confirmed, or receive communion if they have "repented."

Catholic Students Rally Around Schoolmate Punished for Pride Shirt

A student at  St. Francis of Assisi School in Baltimore was forced to remove her LGBTQ+ Pride T-shirt in front of everyone at a church service.

Supporters Push for Gay Priest Who Died on 9/11 to Be Made a Saint

Father Mychal Judge, a chaplain with NYC's fire department, was the first recorded death after the terrorist attacks 20 years ago.

Judge: Gay Teacher Fired by Catholic School Entitled to Damages

The North Carolina school fired the teacher in 2014 for announcing his wedding to his partner. A trial will now determine the damages he is owed.

New Book Shows How a Tragedy Launched Italy's LGBTQ+ Rights Movement

Author and former Roman Catholic priest Francesco Lepore (pictured) examines a double murder and 40 years of Italian activism.

Antigay, Anti-Vax Cardinal Raymond Burke Has COVID, on Ventilator

Burke has been a vaccine skeptic and encouraged Catholics to attend Mass in person despite the health risks, partly to combat transgender activism.

Pope Accepts Resignation From Bishop Who Masturbated on Video Call

Bishop Tome Ferreira da Silva gave Pope Francis his resignation after images circulated online of the bishop seminude during a video call with another man.

That a Catholic Priest May Be Gay Isn't Cause for Sadness

What's sad about the case of Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill, who resigned his post after allegations of using a gay dating app, is that clergy can't come out as gay and stay in the church.

There's Still Room for LGBTQ+ Catholics and Allies

Instead of trying in vain to change the Roman Catholic Church, it's possible to find one's own spiritual path.

Vatican Expresses Opposition to Italy's LGBTQ+ Rights Bill

The headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church has made an unusual move into secular politics.

Is It Time to Renounce Your Catholic Faith?

The church's moves against the president and queer foster parents may be last straws.

German Priests, Defying Pope, Offer to Bless Same-Sex Unions

Numerous churches around the nation will hold blessing services in the next few days.

Pope Names Gay Survivor to Commission Fighting Clergy Sex Abuse

Chilean whistleblower Juan Carlos Cruz had met in 2018 with Pope Francis, who assured him that God loves him as he is.

Daniel Franzese Says Catholic School Fired Him for Being Gay

The star of Mean Girls and Looking lost a hosting gig at a Catholic university one day after Pope Francis condemned same-sex unions.

Billy Eichner 'Proposes' to Dan Levy 'Just to Make the Pope Angry'

Two of Hollywood's leading gay actors spoke out against the Catholic Church's stance on same-sex unions Monday.