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Salvation Army

Founded over 150 years ago, the Salvation Army has organized millions of people in the service of Christian charity. However, the group's gay history is complicated. There are a dozen or so cases of it directly discriminating against LGBT people, firing an employee because of her bisexuality, recommending conversion therapy for LGBT youth, and refusing to comply with anti-LGBT discrimination ordinances in San Francisco. Follow The Advocate for more about this organization's troubled record.

Queer Eye's Karamo Brown Angers Some With Salvation Army Partnership

The Christian-affiliated charity has a checkered past on LGBTQ+ issues.

Is It OK Donate to That Salvation Army Bell Ringer?

The Christian group has been hit with complaints for its treatment of LGBT people, but its spokesman says they help everyone.

Should You Give Money to the Salvation Army?

Those cheerful bell ringers who stand on sidewalks collecting cash and change in their kettles -- are they and their 'army' secretly working against LGBT people? 

Trans Woman Claims Housing Discrimination by Salvation Army

Jodielynn Wiley of Dallas says the Salvation Army denied her housing with other women because she had not undergone gender-reassignment surgery.

Blogger: Salvation Army No Friend to LGBT Folks

Despite some recent efforts to make nice with LGBT people, the group isn't the best choice for your charitable dollars, points out.

Salvation Army Doesn't Consider Homosexuality a Sin

The bell-ringing charity removed two links to 'ex-gay' therapy groups from its website's resource collection for dealing with 'sexual addiction.'