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Sochi Olympics

Op-ed: One Year After Sochi, the Silence Is Deafening

Was the global outrage at Russia's anti-LGBT propaganda law just a flash in the pan?

Will Olympic Committee's New Rules Influence Antigay Host Countries?

The International Olympic Committee voted in favor of 40 new rules, including one that protects people against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Will that help LGB athletes?

The Moment Johnny Weir Cried in Sochi

Olympian and gay ice skater Johnny Weir on his love for Russia, that one time he called LGBT activists 'idiots' (and then apologized), and the importance of a great pair of leggings.

Op-ed: Every Athlete Deserves a Shot at Realizing the Olympic Dream

When it comes to the International Olympic Committee's handling of LGBT athletes, it's business as usual -- which may be the problem in the first place.

Gay at The Games: 7 Unforgettable Olympic Moments

As we say goodbye to Sochi (but not to our coverage of the anti-LGBT law in Russia), we have a few moments that will undoubtedly stick.

Gay at the Games: Billie Jean King Makes Her Mark

Tennis legend Billie Jean King says it's time for the IOC to consider potential host countries' laws when selecting the next location of the games.

Gay at the Games: Hockey Madness, Wüst Goes for Medal 5

Golden dreams were dashed this week on the ice at Sochi.

Sochi's Soundtrack: Viral Videos Protest Russia's LGBT Hatred

From Pussy Riot to a revamped Coke ad, there's been no shortage of Sochi spoofing this winter.

WATCH: Lipinski and Weir, A Match Made For Instagram

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski talk social media, Pussy Riot, and LGBT activists in Russia.

Gay At The Games: Weir's Coded Braid, Pussy Riot's Shoutout

Johnny Weir is showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine through his hair.

Gay at the Games: Another Medal for Wüst, Pussy Riot Strikes Again

Ireen Wust has picked up another silver medal in Sochi, while Aussie snowboarder Belle Brockhoff deals with family drama.

IOC Defends Removal of Trans MP for Rainbow Protest

The International Olympic Committee is defending the removal of several LGBT activists from the Olympic village Sunday, including a transgender former member of Italy's parliament.

Gay at the Games: Olympic Dad Cries 'Bias,' IOC on Defense

Belle Brockhoff's father cries foul at some of the treatment his daughter and her Aussie teammates have received.

Europe's First Trans Parliamentarian Arrested at Olympics for Gay Sign

Valdimir Luxuria says she was arrested and detained for carrying a "Gay is OK" sign but she's not backing down.

Billie Jean King Will Head To Sochi

After the death of her mother, King will participate in the closing ceremony of the Sochi Winter Games.

Gay at the Games: Silver Medalist Says Sochi Was a Poor Choice

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz says the IOC should have made a better choice than Russia for the games, while LGBT athlete ally Hudson Taylor gives a glimpse into what it's like to be gay in Sochi.

PLAY: New Online Game Makes Putin More Fabulous

Now you can make a drag Putin by dressing him in designer gowns and accessories. Werk!

WATCH: Russian Analyst Claims Gay Sex Is Like Having Sex With a Table

Russian political analyst Sergey Markov tells a Daily Show correspondent that gay sex is not normal. You know, like having sex with a conference table isn't normal.

Gay At The Games: Wust's Silver And Johnny's Golden Bling

Wust is the most decorated Dutch Olympian at the Sochi games.