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Steps to Gay Fatherhood

A special series of columns by Lucas Grindley.

Steps to Gay Fatherhood: The Panic Will Pass

Being a dad to twins could incite a panic, but not for the reasons you'd expect.

Gay Fatherhood, Step 4: Accept the Imperfect

Are gay parents allowed to be as imperfect as everyone else?

Gay Fatherhood, Step 3: Just Surviving The First Week

Raising babies means teaching them the basics, but you learn a few things along the way, too.

Gay Fatherhood, Step 2: Learn the New Birds and Bees

For LGBT people, having children isn't what your parents once told you about. So what is it?

Gay Fatherhood, Step 1: Stop Pretending You Don't Want to Be a Dad

It took our editorial director years to start a family -- because society told him to stop trying.