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andrew bailey

Missouri attorney general is investigating providers of gender-affirming care to youth

One advocate said the investigation has created a “hostile environment” for the local trans and healthcare communities.

Over 20 Republican-led states are challenging Biden admin's LGBTQ-inclusive Title IX rule

The Department of Education says sex discrimination includes anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination. More than 20 Republican attorney generals disagree.

Missouri Attorney General can obtain information on Planned Parenthood's trans health care, court rules

Ruling in Bailey’s favor, Stelzer said the AG’s office has “broad investigative powers” and that Bailey has the right to obtain any documents that aren’t protected by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Missouri Families Sue to Block Ban on Gender-Affirming Care

The ban on care for trans minors and certain adults is set to go into effect August 28.

Missouri AG Withdraws Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Both Youth and Adults

Andrew Bailey's emergency rule has been blocked in court, but now the state is set to enact a ban on this care for minors and certain adults.

Missouri Judge Blocks GOP Attorney General’s Ban on Gender-Affirming Care

She issued a temporary injunction that lasts until after she’s had an opportunity to hear some arguments in the case.

Missouri Judge Halts Restrictions on Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Adults and Youth

The restrictions were set to go into effect on Thursday.