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family research council

Here are the architects of the Republican National Committee's platform and its anti-LGBTQ+ hate

These are the virulent anti-LGBTQ+ Republicans behind the GOP platform.

Republican Sen. Roger Marshall seeks to block Biden ban on anti-trans discrimination in health care

The GOP senator doesn't think a ban on sex discrimination in health care should include gender identity, and he's making some baseless assertions to argue his case.

Mike Johnson supported right-wing Target boycott over LGBTQ+ merchandise

The far-right lawmaker was outraged about the ‘woke’ ideology of inclusivity during Pride Month last year.

Speaker Mike Johnson's long history with anti-LGBTQ+ Family Research Council extremist exposed (exclusive)

They've been partners in homophobia for decades, and Johnson recently appeared at a hate-filled "prayer" event cofounded by Perkins, according to a new report.

Who Is Acting House Speaker Patrick McHenry and How Antigay Is He?

McHenry's anti-LGBTQ+ record is long and strong, even though an antigay activist once claimed McHenry was gay.

House Republicans Schedule ‘Mean-Spirited’ Hearing on Gender-Affirming Care

House Republicans are continuing their party’s culture war against the LGBTQ+ community.


Gender-Affirming Care Bans Often Modeled by Anti-LGBTQ+ Groups: Report

Their language is identical or similar to that endorsed by the Family Research Council and a newer group called Do No Harm.