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gender expression

Being Asian and transmasculine was ‘a revolutionary act.’ Now he’s a model for what’s possible.

At 61, Willy Chang Wilkinson has always tried to take care of his community — from HIV prevention to helping the next generation of AAPI transgender men.

Idaho closes legislative session with a slew of anti-LGBTQ+ laws

The new laws take direct aim at gender-affirming care for minors and the trans community.

Navigating the media minefield: supporting gender expansive youth with confidence

In the face of widespread misinformation and media bias, the need to shine a light on the overwhelmingly positive experiences of gender-expansive youth and adults is more needed than ever.

California Transgender Woman Beaten in Men’s Jail Wins Settlement

The victim, who suffered a broken jaw requiring multiple surgeries, was housed in a men’s jail in apparent violation of county policy.

New Jersey Governor Declares State a 'Safe Haven' for Gender-Affirming Care

Whereas Republican-controlled states are looking to restrict the rights of transgender and gender-nonconforming people, in New Jersey the governor says everybody is welcome and free.

Alaska: Discrimination Toward LGBTQ+ People OK ‘In Some Instances’

LGBTQ+ communities everywhere are in conservative crosshairs.