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This Juneteenth and Pride Month, let's reflect on the intertwined struggles for freedom and equality

A reflection on the vibrant energy of June with Juneteenth and Pride Month, honoring the struggles and resilience of marginalized communities. How can we continue to fight for freedom and equality, standing in solidarity with all who seek to live authentically and without fear?

The Pride of Juneteenth

"Today is an embodiment of the principle that none of us are free until we all are free," writes NCLR's Imani Rupert-Gordon.

Here is how Juneteenth came to be and why it's so important

First celebrated in 1866 in Texas, it's now a federal holiday.

The Advocate's CEO Reflects on the Profound Significance of Juneteenth

"Today, let us reflect on our actions, our efforts, and our impact," says Mark Berryhill.

The Importance of Juneteenth - the Newest Federal Holiday

In 2021, Juneteenth became the latest federal holiday in the US — the first to be approved since Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1983.