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‘Mass deportation’ signs waved at RNC after JD Vance’s wife talks about her immigrant family

The Ohio senator and his wife sought to make the GOP appear inclusive as convention attendees, many wearing bandages on their ears, chanted, "Send them back."

While the Lord Almighty speaks to Biden, it’s time to prepare for Harris

It’s time for Harris to lead us forward, and we pray to the Lord Almighty that she can go on and win the race.

Rachel Maddow says JD Vance’s rise is thanks to gay billionaire’s influence, not skill or merit

Peter Thiel has bank rolled most of JD Vance’s professional life, the award-winning journalist explained to the audience.

Gay couple in South Korea receives state benefits, marking huge step towards LGBTQ+ equality

A gay couple in South Korea is the first to be granted spousal benefits from state health insurance.

JD Vance's trans ex-friend is confused by his 'hateful' words and sudden pro-Trump beliefs

A former friend of JD Vance said that he and his wife supported them after they underwent top surgery.

Ruby Corado, founder of LGBTQ+ nonprofit Casa Ruby, pleads guilty to wire fraud

The Washington, D.C. nonprofit shuttered its doors after she vanished with thousands of dollars.

Watch: GLAAD national ad features  terrifying potential future under Project 2025

The clip shows a haunting scene of children reciting ‘The Pledge.’

Megan Rapinoe shuts down period stigma, Republicans, and homophobic soccer players (exclusive)

Megan Rapinoe tells The Advocate about her campaign with Knix to end period stigma, and the state of LGBTQ+ acceptance in women's soccer.

GOP VP picks Quayle and Palin were harmless, while JD Vance is poisonous

Republicans' history of picking novices as vice-presidential nominees continues with Trump’s choice of JD Vance, who is Quayle and Palin on steroids and amphetamines.

President Biden tests positive for COVID-19

He has mild symptoms, his doctor said of Biden, who has canceled campaign appearances and headed home to Delaware.

The answer to concerns about Joe Biden is obvious: Kamala Harris

A vote for the president is also a vote for his very capable vice president.

Here’s all the insanity from day two of the Republican National Convention

It will get even wilder as the final night on Thursday approaches.

Missouri Democrat defends trans grandchild against GOP secretary of state candidate’s attack

Barbara Phifer draws the line at political attacks by Valentina Gomez on her kids and trans grandchild.


18% of LGBTQ+ adults are parents — and they're raising over 5 million children

The "traditional" American family isn't so traditional after all.

Bethel Park, Butler and Milwaukee, and how MAGA hate persists

Only a fool would believe that the attempted assassination of Donald Trump would stop MAGA hate because there is no MAGA without hate.

Climate change is increasingly worrying LGBTQ+ youth: report

This concern is associated with symptoms of depression and anxiety, according to the Trevor Project's new research brief.

Alpha Phi Alpha, a prominent Black fraternity, moves to bar transgender members

Delegates to the fraternity's constitutional convention adopted a proposal to limit membership to "naturally born" males.

Pete Buttigieg calls out Donald Trump’s disrespect for military at Minnesota Biden campaign event

The Navy veteran spoke to other vets at a VFW post in St. Paul.

Gay Democrat Ritchie Torres joins Republican lawmaker to call for Secret Service reform

The two appeared on Morning Joe to discuss their bipartisan effort to secure protectees of the U.S. Secret Service after Trump assassination attempt.

Elon Musk moves SpaceX and X to Texas because California is too supporting of trans youth

"This is the final straw," Musk wrote on X, reacting to California's recent law banning the forced outing of LGBTQ+ youth in schools.