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lgbtq victory institute

Nonbinary representation in government is on the rise with a record number of out elected officials

That's the latest data in the LGBTQ+ Victory Institute's "Out For America" report.

LGBTQ+ women face more challenges than men in running for office: report

Women from the LGBTQ+ community are often discouraged from running, find their qualifications questioned, and experience gender-based violence, according to Victory Institute.

Number of LGBTQ+ Elected Officials at Record High — But Many More Needed

LGBTQ+ Americans are still far from equitable representation in public office, says a new report from the Victory Institute.

U.S. Reaches All-Time High in Out Elected Officials, and They're Ready to Fight Back

“Not only are more LGBTQ+ people serving in office than ever before, they are more unified, determined and diverse than ever,” says a new report from the LGBTQ+ Victory Institute.

Number of Black LGBTQ+ Elected Leaders Surges in America: Report

Representation matters, and new data suggests that Black queer and trans elected officials are being voted into office in record numbers.