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mass shooting

Club Q Shooter Pleads Guilty to Mass Shooting That Left 5 Dead

Anderson Lee Aldrich allegedly killed 5 and wounded about 20 before he was stopped by brave patrons.

Kansas Man Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Up, Bomb Nashville Pride

He said he would “make shrapnel pressure cooker bombs for this event” and that he was going to “commit a mass shooting.”

Would-Be Shooter's Sister's Tip-Off Stops Potential Colorado Mass Shooting

Police credit the sister of a transgender 19-year-old who wrote a chilling screed outlining plans for a mass shooting for tipping off authorities and preventing a possible tragedy.

Tennessee Congressman Prioritizes Protecting Kids From Drag Queens Over Guns

On the day of a mass shooting in his state the Republican congressman said nothing could be done, but weeks before he praised the state’s ban on drag queens.