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CDC warns of new mpox outbreak, urges vaccination

People at high risk, including gay and bisexual men, should get vaccinated, the agency advises.

Nigerian director on his queer film and the lynching of a gay friend

"I was so touched about what happened to my friend and it made me become aware," says Babatunde Apalowo.

Activists Link U.S. Nonprofit to Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws Across Africa

Family Watch International says it’s only promoting ‘family values.’

Which Country in the World Supports Marriage Equality the Most?

Nigeria was lowest in among countries surveyed by the Pew Research Center, while the U.S. came in around the middle. But what country supported it the most?

Dozens Arrested for Attending Gay Wedding in Nigeria

Homosexuality is illegal in the West African nation.

31 Places Where Showing LGBTQ+ Pride Is Illegal

There are more than 60 places in the world where it’s illegal to be gay.

Gay Men in Nigeria Targeted in Dating App Extortion Scheme

The blackmailers pose as potential dates to entrap their victims.