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No, Drew Barrymore, we are not your 'Momala'

The "Momala" moment with Vice President Harris on the Drew Barrymore Show highlights the enduring stereotype of Black women as societal caretakers, prompting a reflection on the need to recognize their full humanity and leadership beyond nurturing roles.

Jezebel, the Feminist News and Opinion Site, Shuts Down After 16 Years

The parent company's CEO Jim Spanfeller said that G/O Media’s “business model and audiences” did not “align with Jezebel’s.”

Should We Be Happy for Brendan Fraser?

Many thought the gay character Charlie in The Whale should have been played by a gay actor, but in the end it’s just a job, so does it really matter?

New Topics, Same Tricks: Anti-LGBTQ+ Politicians Fall to Their Old Ways

"Our opponents may have lost the battle on marriage equality, but they are still doing what they do best: fabricating lies and spreading misinformation to undermine the rights of our community."