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rhode island

Rhode Island advances law protecting doctors who provide abortions & gender-affirming care

Eleven years (to the day) after passing marriage equality, Rhode Island lawmakers took another notable step to protect LGBTQ+ health care.

Catholic college accused of bias by nonbinary former DEI director for refusing to use their pronouns

The former director has filed a discrimination complaint, alleging harassment and other mistreatment based on sexual orientation and gender identity at Providence College.

FBI responds to spate of bomb threats against Planet Fitness after right-wing transphobic campaign

Chaya Raichik, the right-wing extremist behind the account, has been targeting the gym chain over its inclusive stance on transgender members.

Melissa DuBose, a Black lesbian judge, makes Rhode Island history

She will be the first woman of color and first out LGBTQ+ person on the U.S. District Court in Rhode Island, but she had to endure some Republican grilling to get there.

CVS and Walgreens will start dispensing abortion pill mifepristone. Here's when and where

Both pharmacy chains already dispense misoprostol, the other medication involved in medication abortion regimens.

Black LGBTQ+ candidates still face bigotry  — here's how they're fighting it

A new Victory Institute report details the racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other obstacles Black LGBTQ+ people encounter in politics.

How America's most famous heiress got away with killing her gay confidant

Eduardo Tirella's career as a film set designer was cut short after he was run over by Doris Duke in 1966. But was it an accident?

Which State Is the Queerest? These Are the States With the Most LGBTQ+ People

"We're here" has taken on a new meaning.

71 Wet, Wild, and Wonderful Pics from Rhode Island Pride 2023

Not even a little rain was going to stop this Pride from happening.

At Brown University, 38 Percent of Students Say They're Not Straight

The number, based on a student poll, is more than double the proportion from when the poll was first conducted in 2010.

Republican Lawmaker Asks Lesbian Colleague if She’s a Pedophile

Video captured the entire exchange, which the lawmaker now claims was a misunderstanding.

Gay Lawmaker David Cicilline Announces Resignation From Congress

Cicilline has served since 2011.