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sexual identity

Namibia overturns anti-sodomy laws

The Court found the laws unfairly targeted gay men.

Tennessee bill would permit anti-LGBTQ+ foster and adoptee parents

Critics say the bill opens to the door to unsafe homes for LGBTQ+ children.

Florida man charged with hate crime after killing a gay man in a dog park

Authorities have explained why it took prosecutors weeks to bring charges against Gerald Declan Radford who is accused of killing John Walter Lay.

NYPD seeks teens in suspected homophobic hate crime

The four youths reported hurled fists, hard objects, and anti-LGBTQ+ slurs at two gay men out for a walk.

Colorado police looking for two men who attacked a man in potential antigay hate crime

A Colorado man said he was “specifically targeted” because of his sexual identity, and is part of a larger increase in hate crimes against the state’s LGBTQ+ community.

LGBTQ+ people want to foster or adopt kids, but fear of discrimination stops them (exclusive)

That's among the findings just released from a study by Gallup and the children's charity Kidsave.

Texas Supreme Court Hears Case of Judge Who Refuses to Marry Same-Sex Couples

The county justice of the peace sued after she was issued a formal reprimand in 2019.

Gay Female Highway Patrol Officer Awarded $2.6M by Jury

The officer was subjected to abuse and discriminatory disciplinary practices.