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A Proposed Law in This Country Would Require Citizens to Report LGBTQ+ People to Authorities

Introduced in 2021, this bill not only criminalizes LGBTQ relationships, but also those who support LGBTQ rights.

Dozens Arrested for Attending Gay Wedding in Nigeria

Homosexuality is illegal in the West African nation.

First Man Faces Death Penalty for 'Aggravated Homosexuality' in Uganda

Four others have been arrested under the new law passed in May.

Ugandan Police Arrest Four People for 'Acts of Homosexuality'

The arrests come in a country with one of the harshest anti-LGBTQ+ laws in the world.

World Bank Cuts Off Funds to Uganda Over Anti-LGBTQ+ Law

“Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act fundamentally contradicts the World Bank Group’s values," said a statement from the institution.

GOP Declares War on HIV Program as Dr. Fauci Rings Alarm

After demonizing abortion services and marriage rights, Republicans now take aim at PEPFAR, which has saved millions of lives.

House & Senate Democrats Unveil Legislation to Promote LGBTQ+ Rights Abroad

They warn that anti-LGBTQ+ laws elsewhere have the potential to threaten LGBTQ+ people in the U.S. too.

19 Arrested at Same-Sex Wedding in Nigeria

Marriage equality and same-sex sexual relations are illegal in the country.

Senegal Rejects Draft Bill Toughening Anti-LGBTQ+ Law

If passed, the law would have broadened the current law that makes same-sex sexual activity illegal. 

On LGBTQ+ Rights, Ghana’s Bishops Choose to Ignore Pope

As the Catholic Church continues to make more inclusive comments about LGBTQ+ rights, the Church's leadership in Ghana supports a violent and repressive draft law targeting LGBTQ+ people.

Gay Sex Is Legal in Botswana, Appeals Court Affirms

Laws criminalizing gay sex "serve only to incentivise law enforcement agents to become keyhole peepers and intruders into the private space of citizens," Court of Appeal President Ian Kirby wrote.

Namibian Court Grants Citizenship to Gay Couple's Son

"This is a big win for same-sex couples [in Namibia]," said the couple's lawyer.

Kenya Banned This Gay Documentary — It Will Now Stream Across Africa

The documentary, which follows a man over five years, was banned due to its positive representation of LGBTQ+ lives and same-sex marriage.