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super bowl

Watch the 10 LGBTQ-inclusive Super Bowl ads everybody’s talking about

While this year saw more LGBTQ-inclusive ads than last year, much of the community was underrepresented in the year’s biggest advertising television event.

Former NFL player Ryan O’Callaghan talks Super Bowl, gay NFL players, and what will happen to Bill Belichick

O’Callaghan said that we’re reaching a point in society when younger people don't feel the need to play football only as a cover like he did to hide his sexuality.

Travis Kelce Will Have No Problem with the Gaylors

Taylor Swift takes dating an NFL star to new heights as she catches a Kelce brother who is up-to-date on his vaccines and likes Bud Light.

Jesus Super Bowl Commercials Funded by Group With Anti-LGBTQ+ Ties

In an effort to rebrand Jesus, a Kansas-based group aired the spots during the game.