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tom edwards

Moms for Liberty cofounder speaks out for first time after threesome revelations

LGBTQ+ advocates have repeatedly voiced outrage at Bridget Ziegler — not because it was revealed she had a sexual relationship with a woman, but because she's supported Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's anti-LGBTQ+ policies.

Florida School Board Urges Bridget Ziegler to Resign After Threesome with Woman

A resolution passed 4-1 to call her to resign. However, Ziegler was defiant.

This Gay School Board Member Has Choice Words for the Zieglers' Bisexual Tryst and Allegations

Bridget Ziegler, who has supported anti-LGBTQ+ policies, chaired a school board meeting where Tom Edwards was called a groomer by homophobes.

Gay Florida School Board Member Targeted with Homophobic Slurs

Edwards left a Sarasota County School Board meeting during public comment when a woman suggested he posed a danger to students.