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trans girl

Right-Wing Media Attacks Trans Girl For Winning Irish Dance Competition

U.S. conservatives have now gone after a trans girl for being good at Irish dance.

Meet the West Virginian Middle School Student Challenging a Trans Sports Ban in Federal Court

"We just want to be accepted, and she just wants to be a kid. It shouldn’t be that hard to be a kid,” the girl's mom said.

Washington Times Writer Condemns Trans Kids' Parents With Bible Verse Suggesting Execution

Cheryl Chumley denies that she wished death for the parents of a transgender girl who was grand marshal of the Orlando Pride parade.

Sometimes I Feel Like I Live in Two Different Worlds

On Spirit Day, Rebekah Bruesehoff, a 16-year-old author and activist talks about her history of advocating for the rights and safety of transgender young people since the age of 10.

Judge Dismisses Challenge to Ohio School District's Trans-Inclusive Restroom Policy

There is not a constitutional right to "transgender-free restrooms," a federal judge ruled.