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vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin Launches Raids on Moscow LGBTQ+ Clubs After Court Ruling

Gay bars and a gay sauna were raided by police less than two days after the country’s supreme court declared the “international LGBT social movement” to be an “extremist” element.

Russia Outlaws LGBTQ+ Rights Activism and Labels Organizations 'Extremist'

The move effectively eliminates LGBTQ+ support networks and signals a larger crackdown on the country's already vulnerable queer community.

Russia’s LGBTQ+ Community Fears Expected ‘Extremist’ Label in Court Ruling

Will Putin use a kangaroo court ruling to institute a crackdown and mass arrests?

Lesbian Artist Receives Multi-Year Prison Sentence for Criticizing Putin, Military

The judge handed down a harsh sentence for Alexandra Skochilenko, who switched out price tags with antiwar messages in a supermarket protest last year.

Russia Announces Chilling Move to Label 'International Public LGBT Movement' as 'Extremist'

The move is a further escalation of attacks on the LGBTQ+ community in Russia under President Vladimir Putin.

Mike Johnson Friendly With Minister Who Said Gays Were Punished by Mpox, Obama Could Be Antichrist

Johnson, now House speaker, has been on the board of anti-LGBTQ+ activist Ray Comfort's Living Waters ministry since 2013.

Lesbian Artist Faces 8 Years in Russian Prison For Criticizing Putin, Military

Alexandra Skochilenko switched out price tags with anti-war messages in a supermarket protest last year.

Yandex CEO Charged Under Russia’s Anti-LGBTQ+ “Propaganda” Laws

The company had earlier been fined for not restricting access to films like Brigit Jones’ Diary.

Russia Targets LGBTQ+ Community with Mental Health Directive

Putin directs sexologists to treat homosexuality the same as bestiality.

Brittney Griner Harassed by Right-Wing Media Host at Dallas Airport

Alex Stein said Griner "hates America" and asked if she had sex with Vladimir Putin in order to be released from Russia.

Russian Authorities Detain Gay Refugee, Activists Fear He's Being Tortured

He arrived in Russia from Europe to attend his father's funeral after fleeing the region in 2018 due to persecution because he's gay.