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United Nations

LGBTQ+ Equality 'Not Within Reach' in U.S., Says U.N. Official

"Despite five decades of progress, equality is not within reach, and often not even within sight,'' said Victor Madrigal-Borloz.

U.N. Steps Up Efforts Against Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence and Discrimination

The U.N. Human Rights Council condemned criminalization of same-sex sexual acts and diverse gender identities.

Biden: We Must Defend Rights of LGBTQ+ Individuals to Love Openly

Almost 70 U.N. member states still have laws criminalizing same-sex activity. 

Report: Hillary Clinton May Be Next U.N. Ambassador

The former secretary of State, who famously told the U.N. that "gay rights are human rights," is being mentioned for that position.

Trump's Support for LGBTQ Rights in U.N. Speech Rings Hollow to Many

While Trump noted efforts to decriminalize being gay around the world, activists pointed out everything he's done to harm LGBTQ people.

Trump Admin Expands Anti-Trans Campaign to U.N.

U.S. diplomats are urging deletion of references to gender in human rights documents.

Trump Reverses Pro-LGBTQ Policy From Hillary Clinton's State Dept.

Marriage is now a condition for obtaining a spousal visa, which could create huge problems for those from homophobic countries.

U.N. Head Pledges Support for LGBTI Rights

Antonio Guterres is the first U.N. secretary-general to address the body's LGBTI Core Group.

Kofi Annan Was Champion of LGBTQ Rights

It was one of many causes supported by the former U.N. secretary-general, who died Saturday at age 80.

LGBT Groups Condemn U.S. Exit From U.N. Human Rights Council

The move will make it harder to advance rights for LGBT people and other marginalized populations around the world, activists say.

Hate Group's Email Uses Nazi Imagery to Denounce LGBT People

A C-Fam email imposes a swastika on a rainbow flag in asking for support of its fight against "homosexual fascists" through the United Nations.

Nikki Haley Misleads on U.N. Vote on Death Penalty for Gays

She says the same vote on an anti-death penalty measure came during the Obama administration -- but that's not quite accurate.

State Dept. Elaborates Position on Gays and the Death Penalty

While the U.S. condemns the use of capital punishment for homosexuality, it could not support a resolution opposing it for any offense, says a State Department spokeswoman.

Why Wouldn't the U.S. Condemn the Death Penalty for Gays?

The State Department has excuses for voting against a pro-LGBT U.N. measure, but it still belies Trump's pledge to protect "the gays."

U.N. Stands Up for LGBT Workers Around the Globe

The U.N. Human Rights Office advises businesses around the world on treatment of LGBT and intersex employees, suppliers, and customers.

Nikki Haley Was Booed at N.Y. Pride and Can't Fathom Why

Donald Trump's ambassador to the United Nations condemned the booing as hateful.

Human Rights Watch Calls for Investigation Into Syria Attack

Human Rights Watch suspects both Russia and Syria are lying when they blame the deaths of at least 100 civilians on an explosion at a nearby chemical plant. This was no accident. 

Warning: this video might be too intense for some viewers. 

U.N. Ambassador Makes Passionate Plea for LGBT Rights

Samantha Power helps block an effort to suspend the United Nations' monitor on queer discrimination.

The U.S. Owes African-Americans Reparations, Says U.N. Report

A report from the United Nations Working Group outlines the many ways African-Americans have suffered because of racism, white supremacy, and Afrophobia.