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New Book Shows How a Tragedy Launched Italy's LGBTQ+ Rights Movement

Author and former Roman Catholic priest Francesco Lepore (pictured) examines a double murder and 40 years of Italian activism.

Pope Accepts Resignation From Bishop Who Masturbated on Video Call

Bishop Tome Ferreira da Silva gave Pope Francis his resignation after images circulated online of the bishop seminude during a video call with another man.

Vatican Expresses Opposition to Italy's LGBTQ+ Rights Bill

The headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church has made an unusual move into secular politics.

Gay Priests to Pope: Don't Blame Us for Sexual Abuse

A group of gay priests in the Netherlands released an open letter to Pope Francis on the topic.

Vatican Uses 'LGBT' for First Time, Invites Pro-Gay Priest to Conference

The moves are positive, but the church needs to do more, say activists.

Italian Escort Compiles List of Gay Priests; Cardinal Sends to Vatican

The escort, who gathered social media messages from priests seeking gay sex, said he was tired of hypocrisy.

Cardinal and Reverend in War of Words Over LGBT Inclusion

Cardinal Robert Sarah, who has previously said "gender ideology and ISIS" are both major threats to the family, didn't care for Rev. James Martin's Building a Bridge.

Pope Reiterates Catholic Church's Ban on Gay Priests

The affirmation of the ban comes in a new Vatican document -- even though it's widely acknowledged that there are many gay priests in the church.

Pope Francis Denounces Concept of Gender Choice

“Today, in schools they are teaching this to children — to children! — that everyone can choose their gender,” the pope says, none too pleased.

Philly Catholic Archbishop: No Communion for Partnered Gays

It's one of several restrictions Archbishop Charles Chaput has issued concerning parishioners in "irregular" relationships — and he may try to spread these instructions around the nation. 

Former Pope Benedict: I Broke Up Gay Lobby

The emeritus pope, known for much anti-LGBT rhetoric, makes this assertion in his soon-to-be-published memoir.

Vatican Official Mocks 'Bathroom Bills' at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

The Cardinal condemned homosexuality and transgender bathroom accommodations before religious leaders and congregants.

Italy Approves Same-Sex Civil Unions

Italy has been a major exception among Western nations in its lack of recognition for same-sex couples.


Pope Francis Disappoints LGBT Catholics (Again)

In his much-anticipated document on marriage, family, and sexuality, the pope doesn't move an inch on same-sex relationships or other LGBT issues.

Bernie Sanders to Speak at the Vatican

Pope Francis and the presidential hopeful find they have a common enemy: the idolatry of money.

Why Is the Vatican Afraid of This Little Gay Movie?

Andrew Haigh's Weekend is proving a massive success in Italy, despite condemnation from the Roman Catholic Church.

Kim Davis Kills Career of Vatican Ambassador

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who has been controversial as the Vatican's ambassador to the U.S., is on his way out, sources say.

Italy's Prime Minister to Catholic Church: Stay Out of Civil Unions Debate

'What is there to fear from two people who love each other?' adds Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Pope Urges Repeal of Marriage Equality in Slovenia

He didn't actually mention the subject when speaking to Slovenian pilgrims but used the code of 'support the family.'