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Texas Lawmakers: Marriage Equality Could Lead to Polygamy, Incest
August 06 2014 3:05 PM ET

Texas Lawmakers Admit Marriage Equality, Incest Link Is Illogical

Trudy Ring

The legislators made the argument in a brief urging a federal appeals court to uphold the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

WATCH: Mom and Young Trans Daughter Debunk Gender Roles Together
August 06 2014 1:55 PM ET

WATCH: Mom and Trans Daughter Show 'How To Be A Girl'

Mitch Kellaway

Marlo and her 6-year-old transgender daughter combine cartoons and conversation to take a serious look about what it means to become a woman.

Op-ed: The Hobby Lobby Decision's Slippery Slope
August 06 2014 7:15 AM ET

Op-ed: The Hobby Lobby Decision's Slippery Slope

Jennifer C. Pizer

While companies do not have the right to explicitly discriminate against LGBT employees, Lambda Legal says it's not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Married Gay Couple to Shack Up With Antigay Minister in Documentary Series
August 06 2014 4:15 AM ET

What Happens When an All-Male 'Menage-a-Trois' Includes One Homophobe?

Thom Senzee

A new documentary series called Living With the Enemy kicks off in September, featuring a right-wing minister who agrees to live with a married gay couple.

Minn. Archbishop Won't Resign, Denies Abuse Allegations
August 05 2014 7:34 PM ET

Minn. Archbishop Won't Resign, Denies Abuse Allegations

Trudy Ring

Archbishop John Nienstedt, an activist against marriage equality, is defending himself against charges that he engaged in sexual misconduct and covered up abuse by others.

Target Supports Marriage Equality Through Federal Suit
August 05 2014 6:32 PM ET

Target Supports Marriage Equality Through Federal Suit

Michelle Garcia

Target joined an amicus brief this week supporting marriage equality in two federal lawsuits.

California Lawmakers Consider Expanding Gay Parents' Rights
August 05 2014 5:15 PM ET

California Lawmakers Consider Expanding Gay Parents' Rights

Mitch Kellaway

In the coming months, the California legislature will consider bills that take into account the changing state of modern families.

Neb. Refuses to Issue Driver's License With Lesbian's Married Name
August 05 2014 2:56 PM ET

Nebraska DMV Won't Recognize Lebian's Married Name

Trudy Ring

Because the state doesn't recognize Sue Stroesser's Iowa marriage, she can't get a license with her married name on it without going to court.

Judge: Florida Must Recognize Out-of-State Marriages
August 05 2014 2:42 PM ET

Florida Marriage Ban Loses Three for Three

Sunnivie Brydum

A third GOP-appointed state judge has ruled that Florida's ban on performing or recognizing same-sex marriages is unconstitutional.

WATCH: Wachowskis Raise Funds for Chicago's TransLife Center
August 05 2014 12:12 PM ET August 05 2014 1:28 PM ET

WATCH: Matrix Directors Raise Cash for Chicago's TransLife Center

Parker Marie Molloy

The Matrix creators hosted a fundraiser for Chicago House's TransLife Center, an organization devoted to providing comprehensive programming and support to transgender individuals.