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WATCH: The Surprising Way GOP Candidates Define 'Discrimination'

WATCH: How Do GOP Candidates Define 'Discrimination?'

Republican presidential candidates draw a line between racism (which is bad) and homophobia (which is perhaps just fine).

Texas Pastor Who Threatened to Set Himself Aflame Now 'Loves' Gays

Pastor Who Didn't Set Himself Aflame Now 'Loves' Gays

Don't get all misty for Pastor Rick Scarborough, who wrote an op-ed explaining that his 'love for homosexuals' is so he can 'offer God's redemption.'

George Takei Takes on Clarence Thomas and Donald Trump (and Wins!)

Takei Battles Trump, Thomas on Marriage Equality

The Star Trek legend is having a busy week fighting powerful opponents of marriage equality.

Amid Email Controversy, Proof Hillary Clinton Is (and Has Been) Pro-LGBT

Amid Email Controversy, Proof Hillary Clinton Is (and Has Been) Pro-LGBT

Although she's been criticized for her evolving stance on marriage equality, Hillary Clinton's newly released personal emails show she has been supporting LGBT human rights for a while.

Thomas Roberts Quits Hosting Miss USA Pageant Over Donald Trump's Anti-Mexican Rant
July 01 2015 2:01 PM ET

Thomas Roberts Quits Hosting Miss USA Over Trump's Rant

The billionaire's claim that Mexicans are criminals and rapists has cost him both broadcasting and business exposure, as NBC and Macy's cut ties.

Booing Jennicet Was Wrong, But Was What She Did Worse?

Jennicet's Kanye Moment: Should We Just Shake It Off?

The Advocate's news editor on the role of civility in the equality movement. 

Scott Walker Wins Conservative Cred With His ‘Antigay Transition’

Scott Walker's ‘Antigay Transition’ Hailed by Conservatives

The Wisconsin governor is calling for a constitutional amendment to let states ban same-sex marriage, saving his reputation with the far right.

5 LGBT Love Songs That Say 'I Do'

5 LGBT Love Songs That Say 'I Do'

A playlist of happily-ever-after songs by LGBT artists that's now useful in all 50 states.

Republican Presidential Candidates Aren't Having a Good Day

Republican 2016 Candidates Aren't Having a Good Day

Some Republican candidates for president want to fight the decision.

Texas Attorney General insists clerks wait to issue marriage licenses

Showdown Over Marriage Licenses in Texas

Although clerks have indicated they would issue licenses within hours of a Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, the state's top lawman says they should wait.

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