Books for Young LGBT Folks and Anyone Who Wants to Understand Them

First loves, family problems, compelling discoveries, self-realization, and acceptance during adolescence to adult years are among the things found in this collection of books.


  UPDATED: September 24 2014 2:24 PM ET

We the Animals by Justin Torres (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $12.95)

Now available in paperback, this acclaimed best seller illustrates the brutal love that connects a family that encompasses a white mother, a Puerto Rican father, and three brothers. Gay author Justin Torres, who had a difficult childhood, takes elements from his own life and portrays them in his novel. From the intense unity of the narrator’s family to the escalating feelings of estrangement, this is a powerful story about a child’s transition into an adult. This beautifully written novel will enchant a wide range of readers.  

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