Bookshelf: Turning LGBT History Into Literature

Turning our past into novels can be quite intriguing!



The Scar Letters by Richard Alther (Centaur Books, $17)

Alther sends us on a journey through the mind of Rudy Dallmann, who was brutally attacked 20 years ago, an event that he is constantly reminded of by the two F's carved on his chest. Now he is on the trail of his past tormentors. In a melodramatic style, Rudy begins the healing journey to find peace at last. There are twists, turns, and surprises along the way. Coming face-to-face with his assailants, Rudy discovers that they each have a hidden secret of their own.

The novel also educates us on historical facts going back as far as the 1400s on society's punishments for being gay. Some are so horrific that I had to pause a moment to realize how far we've come as a civilized and integrated society. A suspenseful and intriguing read. On sale in September.
(Centaur Books, Joshua Tree Publishing)

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