Whatta Man-crush!

From Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper to Seth MacFarlane and Paul Rudd, our favorite male celebs share their same-sex crushes exclusively with The Advocate.



Matt Weiner (left) and Jon Hamm x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJon Hamm: Matt Weiner
“The big thing now is the man-crush — I love this new phrase, which tries to butch up the idea as much as possible,” said Mad Men’s Jon Hamm in a 2008 interview with The Advocate. “But guys like guys all the time. They don’t necessarily want to have sex with them, but they have relationships with male friends.” So who’s Hamm’s man-crush?
 “Man, Matt Weiner, who wrote this goddamn thing… [John] Slattery, who’s fuckin’ genius on it… I have tons of men who have inspired me in my life.”

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