WATCH: 15 Must-See Drag Queen Cooking Shows

From camp to Karaoke, drag usually just makes everything better. But does it translate to cooking shows?


  UPDATED: August 07 2012 2:19 PM ET

 Kiki Kitchen: Low-Carb Flaxseed Pizza with guest Gusty Winds

In the first episode, New York City drag queen Gusty Winds stops by and samples some delicious low-carb "crustless" pizza that's only 5g of carbs per slice.


Bonus Recipe: "Chick-fil-GAY" A Low-Carb Chick-fil-A Without the Hate

12g of carbs. 0g of homophobia. Guest Marti Gould Cummings stops by and asks for fried chicken — hold the hate — and gets this low-carb parmesan crusted alternative to Chik-fil-A's fried intolerance. Find more recipes and videos at