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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Queer Family and Friends

LGBTQ+ people don't give boring presents.

The White House's Karine Jean-Pierre on Fixing MAGA's Mess

As the voice of the president, Jean-Pierre is changing America. That's why she's emblematic of everything the Marjorie Taylor Greenes of the world fear the most.

Alex Cheves's 'My Love Is a Beast' Is the Sex-Positive Memoir We Need

The author who began his career at The Advocate outdoes himself in a delightfully perverse new offering.

Chloë Grace Moretz on Coming Out, Blurred Lines, and Finding Unity

The star of Mother/Android, Greta, and Tom & Jerry is now executive producer of an LGBTQ+ Snapchat series.

Chris Baker Is Deliciously Wicked in Queer Black Comedy 'The Estate'

Meet the cute gay filmmaker who wrote and stars in the campy thriller out now.

Tatum O'Neal Hopes Her Transgender Fish Story "Opens Minds"

The Gen X icon's latest film, The CROWN With a SHADOW, also stars Paul Reubens as a young male fish prince destined to be queen.

‘CODA’ Explores the World of a Hearing Child With Deaf Parents

A hearing child of deaf adults must find her own sounds in this Apple TV+ Film.

President Barack Obama Talks LGBTQ+ Lives and 'A Promised Land'

"I would love my legacy to be overshadowed, because it would mean another president was doing even more to protect LGBTQ rights."

The Filmmakers Behind Tina Turner

Academy Award-winning directors Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin on their new biopic and the "insidious ways the music industry hindered... Black women" like Turner.

Did this Queer Man Kill His Wife?

Details are Unprintable: Wayne Lonergan and the Sensational Café Society Murder details Wayne Lonergan’s murder of his wife and later claims of innocence.

Murders of Gay, Bi Men Show How Police, Media Fail the Queer Community

Three books delve into murder cases -- and reveal how anti-LGBTQ+  bias hamper police, the judicial system, and media investigations. 

When the Country's Richest Woman Got Away With Murdering a Gay Man

An interview with Peter Lance, author of Homicide at Rough Point.

Justin Ling Reveals the Full Story of Gay Serial Killer Bruce McArthur

The journalist investigated Toronto's gay serial killer, his many victims, and how the media and police failed the LGBTQ+ community.

Big Mouth's Brandon Kyle Goodman on Nonbinary Representation

Nonbinary writer and advocate Brandon Kyle Goodman adds purpose to his punch lines.

Supermodel Stella Maxwell is the Queer Girl Next Door

The Victoria's Secret Angel gets real about body image and the fashion industry, her fluid sexuality, and navigating the future in an ever-changing world. 

Meet the Creator of SOULE, a New Digital Mag for Black LGBTQ+ Folks

The outlet was inspired by the Harlem Renaissance.

Pride Media Stands With Black Lives Matter and the Right to Protest

The Advocate and its sibling publications vow to center and amplify Black voices. 

Elizabeth Warren Still Has Plans For America

The former Democratic candidate for POTUS is also one of our "Women of the Year." 

Monica Roberts Uses Her Blog to Bring Justice to the Trans Community

The journalist is one of the first people on the story when a killing strikes in the trans community, and she's one of our "Women of the Year."