Hot Sheet: The Skinny on What to Watch

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: Tori Amos is remixed, a truly "Saucy Monky," and The Skinny steams up your DVD player.



10. MUSIC: Saucy Monky, "Awkward"
You know that awful moment when you bump into an ex at a party and find out they're with a new piece of arm candy while you're going stag? That's the moment captured perfectly in the new music video for "Awkward," the latest single from Los Angeles–based indie rock outfit Saucy Monky. The newest track off the queer-friendly band's third EP, Trophy Girl, speaks to anyone who's glanced over at an ex's new squeeze with just a twinge of jealousy and judgment. Former girlfriends and current bandmates Cynthia Catania and Annamarie Cullen, know all about that moment, since they lived through it when their romantic relationship tanked, and almost took the band with it. But thanks to the support of fellow bandmates Steve Giles and Megan Jane, the dual leading ladies were able to reconcile the awakwardness and stay together for the tunes. You can get your very own Trophy Girl now on iTunes, Amazon, and iHeartRadio. Watch the video for "Awkward" below.

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