Hot Sheet: Gravity's Rainbow

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week — from Sandra Bullock feeling untethered to the Green Lantern's big gay kiss.



6. TV: Valentine Road
The 2008 murder of Lawrence King was the most high-profile LGBT hate killing since Matthew Shepard’s murder a decade prior. The tragedy was a perfect storm of intolerance and incompetence, which filmmaker Marta Cunningham captures in her documentary, Valentine Road, airing Monday on HBO. Named for the street where King is buried, the film not only explores the life of this brave child, who at 15 was exploring his sexuality and gender identity, but his killer, Brandon McInerney. Raised among the specter of drugs and poverty, McInerney was a ticking time bomb that no one diffused. King was often blamed for his own murder, with McInerney’s defense team using the gay panic defense to paint him as a sexual aggressor, but Cunningham’s film will help erase that distortion from King’s legacy. — Neal Broverman

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