Ann Hampton Callaway: Out at Last

After years of writing for the likes of Barbra Streisand, Patti LuPone -- even Fran Drescher -- Ann Hampton Callaway steps center stage with a new album and an announcement: She's gay.



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You have written a few songs for Barbra Streisand, including
"I Dreamed of You," the song she sang to James Brolin on
their wedding day. Do you ever just pick up the phone and say,
"Hey, Babs, it's me?"

I've had many wonderful conversations with Barbra over the
years on the phone and in person. But no matter how wonderful
our times have been, I still feel in a state of awe over her.
She's not one of those people you just take off your shoes with
and get all cozy. She's Barbra Streisand! Your heart always
beats faster when you're in the same room. It's like finding
out that Santa Claus is a real person.

And while we are talking about a diva, are you a diva?

I am, but I say it as a joke. I am possibly one of the easiest
people to work with. I know how to comb my own hair, and I
don't ask people to take out the green M&Ms. I do love
hearing those diva stories, though.

You will turn 51 in May. What is the greatest thing about
getting older?

Learning that not everyone is going to love you. If you spend
your life waiting for the moment when everyone is going to love
you, then you're going to miss out on half of your life. You
don't care as much about pleasing people; you care more about
being your true self.

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