A Wondrous Debut

More than 30 years after Lynda Carter first twirled into our hearts on TV's Wonder Woman, she's putting her focus on a long-standing passion -- music.



One of my favorite buttons says "If you don't support gay marriage, don't get one."I like that. That's great. And you know, when you are married it does change things. You can ask anyone who kind of put it off and then they get married. For whatever reason it feels differently. Maybe because it's in front of your friends and you've made a pledge that is legally binding as well as emotionally binding.

I don't want to demonize. I really think most people, if they're given reasonable facts instead of these scare tactics, they will come to understand that the rules are for all of us. The freedoms are for all of us. They can't pick and choose. Take care of your own side of the street. Take care of your own life. Be accountable for your own stuff.

Back to Wonder Woman for a moment: You're so indelibly linked to her, how does that feel?I really do try to use it as a way to connect to people. People will come up to me and tell me their stories. And I like that. You see their faces light up. It's their way of making a connection. And that's great. We all need to do that. I made up my mind a long time ago that it was never going to go away. And I can either be miserable or embrace it, and it's worked out really well. I talk about it in my show. It meant a lot to a lot of people.

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