But the sound is a little bit more current -- it sounds like what you hear on the radio today.
exactly. I mean, everybody loves old music, nostalgic music, but that’s
not what we’re about. We want new and fresh and we want to be current.
We also want music that we can take to our stage because we’ve got such
a badass show to put on. It’s going to be amazing, seriously. It’s
going to be worthy of a Britney Spears live show, you know, that’s how
awesome it is.
And you’re touring Europe and then Asia, and then coming back to the United States?
and the rest of the world, they’re definitely going to see this show.
You’ll be able to pop it up on YouTube and check it out. But it’s
just -- I would hate for the U.S. not to get to see it because there are
only a few shows out there that are really showish. We’re bringing out
dancers with us, so we’re going to have a big spectacle dance show.
It’s going to be like our old shows, but all new. We’re definitely
going to come back to the states, but especially if people fall in love
with our album.
Do you have a favorite song from the album?
new favorite song is “This Is Us.” I just think it’s beautiful. It’s
years and years of hard work…years of life…packed into one song.
I assume you’re keeping up with Dancing With the Stars?
Of course. Absolutely.
Aaron narrowly escaped elimination last week.
I know. But you know what? Honestly… the great thing about the show, I
told my brother, is that it’s all about learning. He’s young enough
that he’s going to make those mistakes in front of the world, but he’s
not afraid to show the emotions, as well. He wears his heart on his
sleeve. He’s a caring and heartfelt person. But he also does want to
learn and he does want to get better and he does want to win. He really
wants to win. That’s that young spirit and fire inside of him and I
think that, if everybody gives him a shot, then I think that he’ll be
able to really shine. I’m glad that he lasted because now he gets
another shot to go back to the drawing board and to really perfect
himself because he’s talented. I think that he’s going to make himself
better and he’s going to come back with class.
Do you think he’s going to win?
knows. But I will say this, though: We are all winners at heart at
anything that we do. I think that if he places third, if he places
fourth, whatever the case may be, for him to get this far is amazing in
itself. But you can’t deny that he’s talented as a dancer, as an
entertainer. With that having been said, I hope that everybody sees
that the most three or four talented stay around because that will give
me faith in that show, that it’s about talent, like an American Idol.
You’re a good big brother. Would you ever do Dancing With the Stars?

I’m more of a singer than a dancer, but maybe I’ll change my mind after
we get out on the road because we’re dancing basically 80% of
our show. So if you come out and see the show then maybe I’ll change my

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