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Mexico's Out Proud Christian

Christian Chavez is out and an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights in Latin America.

Gay Love on Top at Mtv

Frances Latest Export

Official Book Club Selection

Destiny's Other Child

Destiny's Other Child

Moore to Love

Mandy Moore returns with a crafty new album that proves some "Candy" can mature into more substance than sugar. On topics from her gay brother's pre-Prop. 8 marriage to those Britney comparisons, Mandy doesn't hold back.

Crown Jewel

Genre-bending Jewel's concerts bring together gays, bikers, and conservatives, but her something-for-everyone persona doesn't keep her from having opinions on gay marriage, Sarah Palin, and Lady GaGa.

She's Back, Bitches

Britney Spears is a perennial favorite of the type that chases ambulances -- not for the potential lawsuits, but just to get a glimpse of the tragedy inside. On her new album, Circus, Spears begins -- finally -- to justify some of the idol worship that legions of gay fanboys have heaped upon her image.