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As the World Turns finally gives gay fans what they want -- Luke and Noah, together at last.



 Cyndi Lauper Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann LUKE AND NOAH NUKE X390 (CBS) |ADVOCATE.COM

Paolo Seganti is returning to the show in late
March as Damian, Luke’s dad. How do you feel
about his return?
Hansis: I am incredibly excited about that. I
have been telling Jake about it since I knew he was coming
back. Paolo is an awesome guy, and I think it’s
going to be so much fun to have him back.Silbermann: He has been building him up in my
mind for so long that I am ready to meet this guy!

Last time out, Damian tried to "deprogram" Luke by
sending him off to some school that tried
to turn gay boys straight. Do you think this time
Damian will be struggling with Luke’s sexuality?
Hansis: I think so. I assume Damian will have
something to do with Luke and Noah. He has never met Noah. I
don’t know if he knows about Luke and him.
Perhaps he got an e-mail from Lily (Luke's mom),

When the two of you work together, are there
emotions that are harder for you guys to pull off in
scenes together?
Silbermann: It’s all a breeze. [Laughs]Hansis: When you are working together on a soap
you don’t have too much time to try different
approaches, which is why I like working with Jake. He
will just roll with it. Honestly, some of the
trickiest stuff is when I have dialogue about medical or
political issues.

Jake, give me your thoughts on working with Van?Silbermann: I feel incredibly lucky to work with him.
He is an actor who has no ego, and he is willing to
try different things. He and I speak the same language
when it comes to working together. I look forward to
coming to work. I don’t think this would have worked
for so long if we did not enjoy each other’s

Jake, when you found out Van was going to be your
love interest on the show, what were your thoughts?
Silbermann: The first time I met Van was at the
GLAAD awards a few years ago. I had just gotten the part a
week prior, and now I am walking down the red carpet.
It was lucky we had these "out of studio" chances to
get to know each other, like the GLAAD awards, where I
was such a deer in headlights. I was dazed with all
the paparazzi. I grabbed onto Van’s coattails!

Van, your thoughts on working with Jake?Hansis: It’s an honor to have someone I trust
fully and completely. In a scene with Jake, I know that
anything I do won’t be judged, and I feel a
freedom with him. I think Jake made an amazing point.
If you are working with someone you don’t like, or do
not feel a connection to outside of work, just as
friends, it makes it a lot harder. Going to work is
then a blast, because I know I am going to be there
with one of my best friends having a good time.

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