Clementine Sets the Record "Straight"

Clementine Ford tackles daytime television on The Young & the Restless , sets the record "straight" on those L Word rumors and talks about her life on her terms.



Get ready Genoa City!
Tomorrow, Mackenzie "Mac" Browning reappears on the canvas
in the form of former
L Word

star, Clementine Ford. Best known for her role as Molly Kroll
and as the eldest daughter of Hollywood favorite Cybill
Shepherd, Clementine's foray into daytime is one of the most
highly anticipated of the soap season.

For those who need a
refresher course on Mac… she is the ex-girlfriend of Billy
Abbott, who ran away to Darfur when it was revealed that they
were cousins (shortly after they were married). Well, new DNA
results this week involving her grandmother and Billy's mother
will cause a seismic shift in relationships... and the drama

However, in real life,
Clementine has gone through drama of another kind. A recent
interview with Diva UK Magazine, whose cover headline touted:
"Clementine Ford Comes Out" left a bit of mess for the
actress to clean up. The interview intimated that she slept
with one of her
L Word

co-stars (she didn't) and put the subject of her sexuality
center stage: "I am gay," she tells,
"I just wanted there not to be this big emphasis on
it." chatted
with Clementine about her exciting new adventure on the number
one rated soap,
The Young and the Restless

, and to clear up any rumors or misrepresentations that her
LGBT fans might want to know, and to tease us with what to
expect in her new role! Congratulations on your new role. You are stepping into a
role that is a recast on the top rated soap. What are your
feelings about it and your experience, so far, doing
Clementine Ford:

I am a lucky bitch! It's so nerve-wracking. It's like I felt on

The L Word

when I went into that core group who has been together forever.
I was surprised because you hear horror stories about going in,
and the intimidation of the group. I thought, "Well, this
will never happen again," and then I get this job. I am
nervous, but my friend,

s Greg Rikaart (Kevin), told me wonderful things about everyone
on the show. And sure enough, everybody is great.

Being a sudser rookie, did your pal Greg Rikaart give you
any soapy advice?

He said, "Keep going! In soaps everyday is a new day." I
have gotten one piece of advice from the cast. They told me
it's going to be one of the hardest jobs I've ever had,
especially, the first little while 'til I hit my stride.
Once I hit my stride it will be fine.

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