Soapside: Advocate 's Guide to Daytime

Y&R 's Chris Engen walks off the set after refusing to kiss his male costar; Daytime Emmy Nods for Braun and Hansis but not Crystal Chappell; Soap Hunks court your vote; and more.



Catfight of the Week

Speaking of One Life to Live, this week's best clawfest between Todd's former wife, Blair (Kassie DePaiva), and current lover, Tea (Florencia Lozano), gets our nod. While locked in a fraternity house boiler room with a potentially lethal gas leak, these two pop open their blouses and use that cloth to try to stop up the leak! Then proceed to verbally assault each other to pieces over the man they both love. However, as they struggle against the fumes, Tea's about to admit a life-altering secret to her rival ... but alas, Blair passes out from the gas -- or just being plain sick of Tea's histrionics!

Pro Wrestling and the Soaps

Yes, I finally came out this week and admitted that not only do I love and work in soap operas, but I also follow professional wrestling and worked for a short stint as a writer for WWE. It's detailed in my first interview on the very similar yet dissimilar genres at . Check it out!

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