Matt Jacobi: Matt in the Middle

Behind every great woman is a fabulous gay man like Matt Jacobi on Giuliana & Bill.




With sudden fame often comes the surprise surfacing of sex tapes and nude photos. Are you being careful to avoid scandal?
[Laughs] Well, I love being naked, but the only naked picture you'd ever see of me is posing on the cover of The Advocate.

Pitch me a potential spin-off show about your life without Giuliana and Bill.
It would be about my journey to having my own talk show one day. I'm obsessed with the Style Network, but I really love the Logo channel, so my dream and goal is to have a talk show on a network like that. My spin-off would also incorporate my family — we're all very close. My straight younger brother was in the Marines and we have a funny relationship. But between working at E! and then going out to have my social life, my life is just naturally crazy.

You must come in contact with a lot of celebrities. Have you had any particularly memorable encounters?
As a surprise on my birthday last year, Giuliana took me to the Madonna concert. I didn't get to meet her, but I'll never forget that experience. I was dancing and jumping to her slow songs. And I know everybody always talks about how beautiful Angelina Jolie is — I mean, are we sick of it yet? — but when I saw her on the red carpet, I completely froze. I skipped right over Brad Pitt because Angelina is that beautiful in person.

I read that you're also a big fan of your Twitter pal Perez Hilton.
Perez has brought a lot of topics to the table for people to talk about, from gay marriage to gays in Hollywood. Yes, he causes controversy, but sometimes controversy opens up important conversations. And he's very entertaining, so I can't look at him as a bad person. We're planning a hike together in Runyon Canyon in the near future.

Speaking of gay gossip, how do you think Giuliana's E! News cohost Ryan Seacrest feels about all the jokes and rumors about his sexuality in the media?
I've known Ryan for a while now, and I don't think he minds it at all. Sometimes being called gay is a huge compliment because gay guys are usually the best-looking and the most successful in whatever we do, so I think Ryan is A-OK with it [laughs].

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