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From talking to NeNe it seems the gays are much wilder in Atlanta than they are in New York City.
saw Sheree’s hair guy, Lawrence, at the Bravo A-List Awards and he had
on massive platforms. You know what I think it is? Gays are in the
closet, so when they bust out they really bust out. There’s nothing to
do in Atlanta, so they gotta really bust out. You gotta wear the heels,
you gotta wear the skintight pants, you gotta have a camel toe. You
gotta look like you’re from Reno 911! or the Village People. There’s
nothing going on, so that’s the entertainment. Here, just living in New
York is entertaining.

You have a boyfriend, but more important, do you have a gay boyfriend?
No, I have a couple of gays. Gay boys bring a lot of drama.

More drama than the Housewives?
I don’t really hang out with the Housewives unless we’re shooting. I’m
not a girlie girl, and gay guys are just as much work as women. The
vanity is more, the food noise is more, the drama is more, the fashion
is more. I love the gays, but I don’t have a pet gay on a leash or

Why do gays love the Housewives?
I think the gays
love the Housewives because we’re all trannies. Everybody is bigger.
It’s “Jill Zarrrrrrrron” or “Dahhhhhling” or “Who gonna check me, boo?”
That’s not normal. It’s over the top and exaggerated. We’re all

What did you think of the first episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

don’t even know what happened in that episode besides the thing with
Sheree -- and “the crawl,” of course. The whole tiff with Sheree and her
party planner was the shining moment in my life. I watched it seven
times and peed my pants every time. I don’t get the drama of “pookie”
and “whoop yo ass,” but what was funnier was that [Anthony the party
planner] said he was a top-level professional, in a suit and very
civilized, then suddenly he’s like, “Yo mama’s a bitch,” and somebody
closes the door as if they’d just reached above a whisper. That’s why
it was so funny. Oh, he just took a gun out and shot Sheree in a
drive-by, and his colleagues just shut the door. Are you crazy? How
does that kind of drama go on with a party planner? It wasn’t like she
was going to score crack.

The Real Housewives of New York City
can’t possibly top that.

I’m gonna sleep with Big Poppa this season. I’m going to Atlanta and
shagging Big Poppa, and then I’m gonna be on both casts. I’m going to
have a three-way with Big Poppa and Kim. Watch what happens!

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