The actress — who clearly has an abundance of energy — is not only stepping into the shoes of a tough-as-nails DA; this Saturday she'll step into several hilarious roles as guest host of ACME Saturday Night. Riegel says she has no idea what she'll be playing and is a bit nervous! “I go in tonight for my rehearsal, and they throw some sketches at me, and then I guess I will see. I have done comedy before. I am actually a member of an improv group, and I have taken tons of improv comedy classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade. I recently got together with some fellow UCB students and formed an improv group called Cousin Larry. We have been performing around L.A. and we have a great time. There is so much pressure and it actually terrifies me."

Especially, she says, if any of her new costars wind up in the audience.

"I would be totally nervous, especially with the Y&R people because they don’t even know me, and I would be like, ‘Oh, my God, I have to be funny.’ I think the AMC gang will enjoy it. I think everything is fair game in the name of comedy. I am married to a comedy writer, Andrew Miller. I think the most attractive thing about my husband is, he is so funny and I never, ever stop laughing. He is super funny, and he makes fun of me and I make fun of him, and it’s very fun times in the Riegel-Miller household.”

As if that weren't enough to keep the actress busy, Riegel is also at work on a new Web series. “I recently did a pilot for this new online series called Trauma Team with this talented young actor, Jackson Davis. Jackson, is well known to online viewers for his role as Jonas on the popular Web series Lonelygirl15 [LG15], and he has also posed for the No H8 Campaign! He is terrific!”

So soapers, if you are in the Los Angeles this Saturday, April 17, you can see Eden live and be part of the studio audience. Visit for more information and tickets to ACME Saturday Night. If you are not in L.A., you can see the show streamed live at your computer on ACME Saturday Night’s Online TV Show.

Chappell and Turrisi With Big Venice News!

Venice creators Crystal Chappell (pictured) and Kim Turrisi gave me an exclusive interview about what they have planned for season 2 — including a tease with some major scoops — and the new, exciting project the two are working on together. “We are very excited," Turrisi said. "We have a show in development, and this is something we are going to shoot along with Venice, and it’s more of a reality show, and going to involve Twitter. There are some other things on our development slate. So our company, Open Book Productions, is moving forward.”

Chappell added, “I will tell you that they do cater to the LGBT community, and I want to be clear about that."

While some in the industry were concerned about the duo’s decision to
charge a $9.99 for a subscription fee for season 1, it looks like that may change in season 2.

“I think we are one of the only Web series operating in the black,” Turrisi said, “and to make a big strong point by being in the black, we are rolling that into season 2. We have not seen one dime. Crystal acted the whole time and directed. I wrote the first season and the second season with no money. Every dime that we have made is going back into the show.”

Chappell said she is going to do her best to stay true to her word to make season 2 free of charge to the loyal fan base, if at all possible.

“The crew and the actors last season did it all for free," Chappell said. "Going into season 2, the hope is to be able to pay the actors and keep them under contract for seasons 2 and 3, and hopefully, to be able to get sponsorship. We will see where it goes. My hope and my goal is to give season 2 away for free to everybody. Honestly, it’s the loyalty to the fans. I said if we can do the subscription for season 1, we might be able to pull off season 2 for free. They trusted me and it’s looking like that is what’s going to happen.”

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