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Josh Rosenzweig heats up the here! TV clubhouse as host of the new variety chatfest Just Josh.



JUST JOSH MOLLY SHANNON X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMDo you ever get nervous or starstruck?
I am always nervous, and I can get starstruck by the delivery boy. Of course, I think I’m being totally cool, but I have a tendency to gush over people, and then I see them recoil in horror.

Who would be your dream guest?
That’s a tough one. Madonna, Cher, Meryl, Bowie ... but you know me — I’ll talk to just about anyone.

What would be your first question?
I’d probably be so uncool that I would start the interview with “Oh, my God, I totally love you!” I can see them recoiling already.

When did you first realize that you had this on-camera presence and gift for gab? Do you have a journalism background?
No, no journalism. I first realized I was a gabber when I was I kid and I was constantly sent out into the hall for always talking in class — especially Hebrew school. Oy! I put it to good use as a young thespian — read: total drama geek — but when I first came to Here! Media, I kept all that quiet. One day I was asked to do a podcast, and then the beast was unleashed.

Just Josh often takes you out into the New York streets. Why it is so important for you to leave the comforts of the studio — especially in this horrible winter weather?
I love New York City. Period. I’ve had this love affair since I was a kid, so I hope it becomes infectious. I literally ache to get back to Manhattan when I’m away for too long. In the first episode we visit a great gallery, the Christopher Henry Gallery on the Lower East Side, and then get lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Alias. Then we go to a great off-Broadway play, The Divine Sister. It’s just about sharing what I love. What, are we having bad weather?

In addition to your here! TV show, you also happen to be here! Media’s senior vice president of integrated marketing. Is Bravo host Andy Cohen, who is also that network’s executive vice president of original programming and development, an inspiration?
Well, sometimes I feel like Andy and I were separated at birth. No, seriously, Andy is amazing, and I love the Bravo clubhouse, but what that says is that you don’t have to be just one thing in this world anymore. What I love about my job is that it’s a total mash-up of all the crazy things I’ve done in my life, so I feel really lucky.

I noticed that you weren’t on’s new Most Eligible Bachelor list. Oversight or off the market?
I am on the list. Oh, wait, that’s Lady Bunny.

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