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Sia heads up an impressive list of out entertainers that includes Eric Himan, Jamie Lauren, Del Marquis, Chris Ryan, and John Krokidas.



Sia | Musician | 33 | New York City

Sia Furler is lounging in her downtown Manhattan loft, rattling off a few of her favorite things. "Bongs shaped like fairies, tie-dye jumpers, unicorns, dream catchers-all things you can buy in a truck stop," says the Australian singer-songwriter, unleashing an infectious cackle that belies her honeyed, often pained vocals.

Surely, Furler's most cherished curio is her androgynous lover, fellow musician and former Le Tigre member JD Samson. Her romance with Samson surfaced at the beginning of 2008, around the time Furler released her fourth and best-selling album, Some People Have Real Problems , when she told British gay magazine Attitude she was seeing an American woman. "I don't really call myself gay or bisexual-I call myself 'friendly,'È‚f;" she says, laughing again before she explains that Samson is her "boyfriend," but Furler still refers to her as she. "It's just what we do. If I'm the princess, JD is the prince. If I'm the witch, she's the warlock. If we have kids, she'll be Poppy and I'll be Mommy."

The couple discussed having children and recently collaborated on "I'm Raising You to Be Average," an ode to their future offspring that Furler hopes to feature in a musical she is penning with jazz musician Larry Golding. Meanwhile, she is already polishing up her fifth full-length album (working title: Face Paint ) and has completed four songs with Christina Aguilera for the diva's next release, a step in the right direction for Furler, considering her recent realization that she prefers life outside the limelight. "I'm living the dream of a 10-year-old, and I'm not 10 anymore," she says. "My new dream is to get a house in the country, have babies, and play Scrabble constantly-while occasionally flying out to Los Angeles to write pop songs for stars, of course."

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