Gay Bar Wants Hot, Straight Workers



The owners of a gay bar in Manchester, England have come under fire for posting a job listing seeking exclusively heterosexual employees.

The AXM Group is seeking "flyerers" for its new bar Downtown. According to, the ad, posted on the bar's Facebook page, read: "JOBS: Looking for flyerers/pr people for Downtown. Ideally 2 blokes/1 girl. Straight, Good looking, Outgoing etc. 20 hours per week, £6 an hour. Hours may vary. Interested?"

The ad was removed Monday following numerous complaints. On Tuesday, it was replaced with the following ad: "JOBS: Looking for flyerers/pr people for Downtown. 3 people required. Male and/or Female. Good looking, Outgoing etc. Applications open to everyone! Regardless of orientation, sexuality, race etc. To compliment the diverse team that we're proud to have across the whole of the AXM group. 20 hours per week, £6 an hour.... Hours may vary. Interested? Email [email protected] today!"

According to Pink Paper, Britain's Equality Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation — however, workplaces can actively shape the demographics of their staff if it's "genuine, determining and proportionate."

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