In some parts of the country, any issue involving “gay” is not something to be discussed among polite company. Take, for instance, the recent gay rumors involving South Carolina’s right-wing lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer. Ever since a mini scandal erupted this summer over the 40-year-old bachelor’s love life, Bauer and most of the South Carolina press have gone silent.

The sordid story involving Bauer all began when South Carolina’s GOP governor Mark Sanford made national headlines in June after mysteriously disappearing for almost a week. The truth soon came out regarding his whereabouts -- the married Sanford was canoodling with his self-described “soul mate” (a.k.a. mistress) in Argentina.

Pressure mounted on Sanford to step down. To encourage Sanford’s resignation, Lieutenant Governor Bauer -- who supported Mike Huckabee in the 2008 presidential election -- offered to forgo running for governor in 2010 so that he could take over for Sanford and focus on governing instead of future elections and campaigns.
But Sanford refused to resign.

Things got infinitely more complicated on August 31 when Mike Rogers, a blogger who outs antigay politicians, reported that Bauer was a closet case.
“So, what is the deal with Bauer?” wrote Rogers. “I have confirmed and spoken to four individuals who I have no doubt are telling me the truth. These men have been hit on by Bauer, with one of them telling me it happened at least five times since Bauer's election in 2003. Then another call came in and I met with the source while he was visiting D.C. recently. ‘He's gay,’ the source told me. ‘How do you know?’ I asked. ‘Because I've had sex with him on two separate occasions.’”

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